Sunday, January 23, 2011

Something About a Well-Played Game of Chess...

The thing I admire most on the Right is the Republican ability to convince us that their biggest fears ought to be ours also. The worker is losing ground faster than an ice sheet in Alaska and the Republicans have them howling about deficits they neither understood nor considered a year or two ago, nor understand today.

Ordinary citizens who have about as much chance of influencing their own economic futures as a fruitbat are screaming for the federal government to take back the stimulus funds that may get them a job next year. The irony, the mastery of it -- absolutely superb!

Furthermore, Republicans are responsible for a huge portion of the debt from back when they were a majority and didn't need a red-meat-issue-of-the-month. The national debt could go to infinity for all they cared, when Bush was president and we lived in Republican Utopia.

Still, ever since they lost the majority in Congress and Obama was elected, they have suddenly become (conveniently) morally bound to slash spending. And where do you think those cuts are going to come from?

Can anyone say, "starve the beast?" This is the Republicans' game and has been for a very, very long time.

And people are buying it!

Financiers are having new boom times and these soon-to-be-former middle-class folks are screaming about the gold standard and the unconstitutionality of the minimum wage.

C'est Magnifique!!