Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Filibuster flip-flop for JESUS!

If you're like me your political memory extends back further than the last round of spin and yesterday's controversies; you remember the disgraceful Clinton impeachment, for example, and the trumped up "moral grounds" upon which it rested.

You may also remember how the pachyderms on high behaved before, during, and after their ascent to God-like and wrathful hegemony.

The Right has been saying for a while that the only reason they want to undo the venerable, 200-year tradition of Senate filibusters is to allow an up-or-down vote on each of the President's judicial candidates. There's no politics here, they say. They only want what's CONSTITUTIONAL...

These right wing phonies are counting on you to behave like helpless, passive, brain-injured sheep, and who knows, you may find some kinky thrill in that (particularly if there are costumes involved). But the GTL is here to remind you that you are citizens and have a responsibility to meet your civic duties.

Here's a question to frame the debates: Did the Republicans feel the same way about a candidate's "constitutional" right to an up or down vote when they were NOT in control? Or are they, like the moral relativists they so despise, flip-flopping on this issue?

Whaddaya think??

Thanks to Chuck Hagel (R-NE) for reminding us that the answer is NO. Prior to Bush the Younger and his heartless "crusade of good against evil," Republicans not only approved of blocking votes on judicial appointees, but did it themselves, far more often than the Democrats today...

SIXTY-TWO of Bill Clinton's judicial candidates NEVER EVEN MADE IT OUT OF COMMITTEE. No need for a filibuster when the death blow can be delivered in the deep dark nether regions of the Senate committee process.

I keep saying "if you're like me," so here I go again:

If you're like me you think of greedy, hypocritical, power-hungry, false "Christian" politicians as the scum of the Earth, as dangerous to liberty as a passel of al-qaeda terrorists.

Flush 'em OUT. Vote 'em DOWN.

It isn't just the filibuster, friends. Pretty soon they'll be coming for you. So keep your powder dry, alert on high, it's do-or-die.

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