Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Orrin Hatch: early-onset dementia or just hypocrisy?

"Washington's well-paid reputation-destroyers cannot help but attempt to attack the widely popular president of the United States at this particular time, in an election year... Welcome to Washington." - Orrin hatch

Those darn well-paid reputation destroyers. Will they stop at nothing?

No. They won't. These damn liberal truth-murderers! How dare they play politics when the American people need their governmental leaders to focus on the difficult task of running the country? Why, that's practically treason!

They'll even impeach a President who engages in hanky-panky with a woman besides his wife! Impeach him! Can you imagine? Over a harmless, run-of-the mill dalliance that never even made it to the bedroom! They must be stopped, these well-paid reputation destroyers...

No, wait. That was the Republicans. Never mind.

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