Friday, October 28, 2005

Comments and Commerce

I never understood why the Friday of Jesus' death was called "good" Friday. I hope the same isn't said about the day down the road when I die.

But today is a good Friday indeed. With indictments likely to come imminently from special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, we may be able to finally add the biggest big daddy of them all outside of POTUS hisself - Karl Rove - to the list of haughty n' naughty dirty-tricks Republicrats who got their public comeuppance.

This list already includes Slots Czar William Bennett, Drug addicted war-on-drugs hypocrite Rush Limbaugh, insider trader Bill Frist, and that nostalgically rapacious swindler of Native American tribes, Jack Abramoff. Of course, it wouldn't be an even partially-complete list without mentioning the truly Machiavellian power-brokering Bugman Tom Delay, who could wallpaper his office with all the letters he has received from the House Ethics Committee over the past two years.

And of course, this group sits in the humble shadow of the biggest cheese of them all, the keeper of the original White House enemies list, Richard M. Nixon.

So, as I say, a good Friday for truth, justice, and the (old) American way.

Now a note on e-commerce: like all bloggers, I like to receive and read your comments. However, I have noticed a trend that smells a lot like Spam: other bloggers making comments like "great blog! Read mine," and when I follow the link it's to an unrelated commercially-oriented blog.

People, this remarkably egalitarian forum will be ruined if all we do is pimp it to make money. So - I value your comments, but only those related to the GTL's posts. I am not interested in attending your karate school, curing your ailments, et cetera. And neither are my loyal readers (I called them both and they agree).

Peace out and watch out for falling presidential advisors!

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