Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Extra! Extra! Democrats Show Some Spine!

Ah, Autumn in Washington, D.C. The air is crisp, clean, and filled with falling leaves and Republican reputations. Indictments flutter in the waning afternoon sun and one's thoughts begin turning toward turkeys, bunting, giving thanks, just desserts, and Karl Rove finally in the handcuffs he has so long deserved.

Today Senate Minority leader Harry Reid gave me a little something to be thankful for: a nice, tight little speech and a thrillingly theatrical, sudden closed Senate session to demand a full accounting of the truth about the war in Iraq and the White House. I recall wistfully the great dictator himself (ours, not Iraq's) claiming to have exhausted diplomacy and to have done all he could to avoid war. Anyone who believes him should have his water pipes checked for lead.

Read Reid here. Hear, hear!

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