Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm Dreaming Of a White (Phosphorus) Christmas

While Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson howl with indignation about the secularization of Christmas and the removal of Christ from Christmas, I would like to reflect on another, perhaps greater, national shame (actually, there was never any Christ in Christmas to begin with, as he was born in Spring, and December 25 was a long-established Pagan holiday which was co-opted into a Christian holiday over 300 years after Jesus' death).

Now, I'm no blame-America-firster, but it seems to me that when we are dropping illegal incendiary weapons on civilian populations in the name of freedom and democracy, something has gone terribly awry in our moral sense. I'm not at all sure the U.S., under its current leadership, is worthy to invoke any deity's name this happy Christmas season, let alone our number-one supply-side Savior himself, whom our benighted leader tells us has personally blessed his deadly fool's errand in Iraq.

To be arguing over whether "seasons greetings" is an example of anti-Christian revisionism while allowing atrocities to be committed in our names is just, well...

evidence of seriously poor priorities?

Maybe we should be getting more upset over our conduct abroad and our penchant for torture, secret prisons in Eastern Europe, and now the use of deadly white phosphorus in tightly-populated urban combat zones, where we know civilians are used as cover for insurgents, than whether or not Boston has a "holiday tree-lighting ceremony" or a "Christmas tree-lighting ceremony."

Here's a post-Thanksgiving wish from the GTL that you and your family are happy, healthy, caring for one another and your neighbors in need, and that no foreign power shells your happy home and community with ghastly white phosphorus grenades during this special season of love and togetherness.


Cheeseman said...

Amen Brother....Now get out there and buy buy buy... and eat eat eat. And try not to fight for a parking space, or an MRE, or Festivus Pole.

shelovesg said...

they are all in cahoots
clinton '08
...a choice of cancer or polio

salt of the earth


William Burke said...

“Say a prayer for the common foot soldier.” (Name the reference and win a prize!)

Of course, it's from "Sympathy for the Devil" (the song, not some J-L Goddard masturabatory piece).

G-T Liberal: how come you love guns but would deny the same privilege to others? Doesn't that make you just another elitist, like Ted Kennedy, Hillary or Chuckie Schumer, grabbing guns from citizens with their Uzi-toting bodyguards by their sides?

Peter Attwood said...

"Say a prayer for the common foot soldier."

Mick Jagger, "Salt of the Earth," last number in "Beggars Banquet", 1968, in contrast to "I'm a man of wealth and taste" in the first, "Sympathy for the Devil"

weldguru said...

"salt of the earth" Rolling stones Beggars Banquet.mpetek@cfl.rr.com

SC said...

Getting in a little late on this one, but I believe Jesus was supposed to have been born in September. Yep, Christ's probably a Virgo, and will favor all other Virgos in the Last Days. The rest of us are screwed.

DW said...

Thanks, SC. You're probably right. I remember hearing as a kid that Jesus was born in Spring. That's the depth of my scholarship on this one.

Now you've told me otherwise, and I believe you. Why? Sheer, unwarranted trust!

Yet I do believe you, my friend.

The salient point, I must add, that Christmas day is nothing of the sort, was correct.

Thanks for your eyes and brain. Come again!