Monday, December 26, 2005

GTL Hall Of Shame: Tip Top Equities Violates The Spirit of This Blog

Those of you who blog know the thrill of seeing a new comment come in after you've posted a new piece of writing. Someone read my post! Did he agree with my ideas? Is she a fan? Do they take issue with my intrepretation of events? Will they descend into childish name-calling? Will they give me additional information I will come to value?

A comment can make a post, and can make a post a lot better. This forum is a wonderful opportunity to share one's ideas, writing, humor, and wistful imaginings toward a better world with the entire world, almost for free.

So imagine my surprise when I checked the comments the other day after posting a bit of humor on the "War on Christmas," and found an advertiser for investments masquerading as an actual commenter. Suprise became disgust, and disgust became anger.

It's bad enough that Right Wing Wall Street suits have all but destroyed the promise of a reasonably comfortable and secure life for 90 % of all Americans in order to meet their insatiable need for corporate growth, for constant profits, to put the shareholders first above all of society's needs no matter what, for no reason and consequences be damned. But now they've abused the Gun Toting Liberal and taken advantage of my deepest-held values of an American life based on more meaningful facets than flat out, balls-to-the-wall, take-no-prisoners capitalist greed.

I REJECT TIP-TOP EQUITIES AND THEIR SLIMY CO-OPTING OF THIS FREE AND UNIQUE FORUM. To the dollop of scum whose bright idea it was to masquerade your snake-oil pitch as a genuine IDEA about something I care deeply and passsionately about I say:

You're a Major League (Bush Word)! Go (Cheney Word) Yourself!


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montag said...

I had the same problem with comment spam on my blog. I enabled word verification and the spam stopped. Now I know that the lack of comments is because no one reads me (sigh).