Monday, January 09, 2006

Pay, Pray, Play, and Obey: Will No One Defend Poor Tom DeLay?

Step right up, step right up!

Where, kind people, is the Right winger willing to come forward and fall on this grenade for a GOOD MAN, your spiritual leader and enforcer of all that is good in Congress…? Where is the good Christian ready to bust off a really delicious rationalization about why this man is not a common thief and hypocrite?

G’wan… I DARE YA!

Come on! The Gun-Toting Liberal dares ya!

(sound of crickets)

I can’t wait for the kool-aid to start flowing on this one. Anyone with a shred of objectivity and knowledge of Capitol Hill events over the past decade can see this man’s turpitude from a mile away. In fact, I hear that Tom Delay’s ego is the only man-made thing visible with the naked eye from space…

What’s the talking point going to be? That the weak, stupid, intellectually and morally bankrupt Liberals are also, simultaneously and incongruously, a well-oiled attack machine, an effective and powerful cohesive group with an overarching and unifying ideology against the Right?

For the “Liberal conspiracy” smear, should you choose to employ it, to have validity, the Libs would have to be everything the Right claims they are not.

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