Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Good Dick Hunting

When I wrote on this blog in November, 2005 that the president would cut Dick Cheney loose “sooner or later,” I imagined it would be for the mundane and humdrum reason of inept leadership and a pattern of incompetently leading this country and the world into total paranoid chaos and destruction.

I didn’t dream that it would be the result of a shotgun blast, fired by Deadeye Dick himself, into the face of one of his fabulously well-to-do friends.

I have always believed that truth is stranger than fiction, but when fiction is sold to us every day as truth by the powers that be, with a straight face mind you, I begin to think otherwise. Then there was Sunday’s news.

I am still percolating my exact thoughts on the absurdity of the vice president shooting another man in the face and watching the entire Right-wing spin machine lurching to life like some clattering, wheezing, rusted and exhausted Rube Goldberg apparatus, to spin it somehow away from the obvious fact that this man, like the administration he runs from the passenger seat, is an enormous, incompetent, dangerous fool.

His sneer, carved in his face like an angry parenthesis in a pound of cold butter, remains unshaken. No contrition for this American hero. But then, why would he choose to be contrite now? If the sight of the greatest army in history mired up to its hips in a bloody fool’s errand in the Mideast, with not so much as a teaspoon found of the tons and tons of chemical and nuclear weapons he told us were there, with thousands of U.S. soldiers dead or wounded and a hundred thousand more dead Iraqis besides, didn’t give this man pause for humility, then he is congenitally incapable of feeling anything like remorse or engaging in the merest hint of introspection.

But there’s more for this dangerous trigger-man to contemplate, should he decide to: a ruined American city awash in the dead of the poor, a wealthy nation all but bankrupt, its debt nestled snugly in the pocket of the Red Chinese, the reluctant press finally knee-deep in stories of scandal, illegal wiretapping, and the outing of secret agents.

Dick Cheney has more or less proudly stated that he sought and received five deferments from service in Vietnam because he had “other priorities.” Now it seems he just couldn’t shoot straight.

More to come.

Bang! It’s Dick!

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