Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Being Wrong Never Felt So Right

I'm going to bed. As I do so, the election results appear to actually match up with the recent polls in most races.

Knowing how things changed while I slumbered in 2004 (went to bed in Kerry's America, woke up in Bush's), I can only say I am keeping my guard up.

If the people manage to wrest even a small amount of power from the current crowd in DC, I'll be a happy man.

O to have subpoena power in the new year!

O to send the evangelicals back to the Bible belt!

O to have one less war to fight!

Good night, friends. See you tomorrow.

Whatever happens, this moment right now is worth savoring.

Mmmm. Yeah. Savor the feeling of justice while it lasts.

1 comment:

ellie said...

I still can't let my guard down. Is this what winning feels like?