Thursday, December 21, 2006

Virgil B Goode Tonight: The Genius Who Protects Us

This is the U.S. Representative who wants a fairly-elected Muslim-American, Keith Ellison (D-MN) to be sworn in to the House of Representative using a Christian Bible, as opposed to the holy book of his own religion, Islam.

Wouldn't being sworn in on a book from someone else's religion seem just a tad off? I mean, what can Jesus to do this guy if he violates his oath? He can't touch him! He doesn't even believe in him!

Rep. Goode unleashed a tirade earlier in the week in which he claimed that electing Ellison might lead to a flood of Muslim immigrants running for Congress. The problem was, Ellison is not an immigrant and any effort to close our borders tight so as to seal out the Muslims (and seal in the freshness!) would be irrelevant.

As far as his fears that U.S. citizens of a religion he doesn't like might be elected to office, he ought to direct his ire at the founding fathers, who, in Article Six of the Constitution, expressly reject the idea of a religious test for officeholders, a reversal from the laws of eleven of the thirteen British colonies, which expressly reserved the right to serve in office for Protestants. I guess Rep. Goode hankers for the good old days - before the U.S. existed.

You'd think this guy might be a little embarrassed by how stupid he is coming across in the national media, but no. Now this intellectual giant is feeling generous, sort of agreeing that maybe we can live with the status quo, that there aren't too many Muslims in our country now (but then again, maybe there are). What he really worries about, what really makes him pee, is that Ellison's election may be an indicator that we may be on a slippery slope toward a Muslim majority in the Congress.

What a loser I was, worrying about the war in Iraq, our new role as torturer for the world, our skyrocketing debt, our terrible health care system, corruption in the White House... seems I should have been worrying about those damn Muslims in public office!

Anyone but me think this man Goode is an ignorant clown?

A Muslim majority?

The ratio of Muslims to non-Muslims in the House and Senate stands, as of Ellison's swearing-in next month (Koran in hand notwithstanding), at four hundred thirty-four to one. Expressed as a percentage, Muslims will comprise 0.2 percent of our elected officials.

Obviously, of all the issues requiring our immediate attention, this should be our nations number one concern. Oh, wait. That spot's already taken by "protecting" marriage from the gays.

I forgot.


ellie said...

Ha! How did you know that I've been ranting about this?

The New York Times'"The Lede" blog had a link to a Lutheran pastor's blog that had this to say about the subject:

"The reality is that pictures of Congressional Representatives where they are placing their hand on the bible while raising their other hands is just for publicity. It is a photo-op. It means nothing because members of the House of Representatives are sworn in corporately (all together in the well of the House). They then take pictures afterwards using the Bible, raising their hands and swearing allegiance to the United States. The bible is a prop in the pictures.

Why aren’t people upset that God’s Word is being used as a prop — how many of those taking those photo-op pictures with their hands on the Bible actually live their public lives according to it?",

Good point. But back to gay marriage... which reminds me of one of the best bumper stickers I've seen (from Betty Bowers' website):

4 out of 5 Baptist divorcees want gays to stop undermining the sanctity of marriage

exgrad said...

Actually the best thing to do in this sort of situation is let these guys talk. Nothing like letting ignorance reveal itself.

I guess (however) I am a little nervous about the people who nod their heads and say "ditto" to things like this. Any word on what Mr. Limbaugh had to say?