Friday, March 30, 2007

An Embarassment of Riches, or Just an Embarassment

Emily Dickinson said, "after great pain, a formal feeling comes."

After the great pain our nation has undergone since the theft of the oval office by Republican thug-zealots in 2000, right down to today, it is with a sense of relief and vindication that we can now watch the House of Bush implode. The GTL's profound hope is that every accomplice to this administration's callous and calculated calumny will go down with them.

Is there a single area of domestic or foreign policy, a single agency within the Bush administration, that has not been politicized? Is there any regulatory agency that has not been staffed at the highest level with cronies whose most salient qualification is antipathy to the very regulations they have sworn to enforce? Is there no cookie jar left in America without a sleek, oily Republican hand burrowed down into it?


But that may be changing.

Testimony under oath produces the formal feeling we are now experiencing. The freewheeling days of reptilian lawyers blithely wiping aside decades or centuries of precedent and the rule of law are over, for now. The president is under a microscope, every utterance of his minions parsed down to their tiniest half-truths. This man's misdeeds are as scrutinized and vetted today as Saddam Hussein's were prior to the war. The difference is, while Saddam no longer posed a threat to the region or the world at the time we invaded his country, our own corrupt despot still maintains the capacity to do great harm.

Here is where I think my reader(s) should be focusing:

We come to find that 95% of all emails sent from the White House went out not from their official server, but under the aegis of the Republican National Committee. These emails have been frozen and protected from deletion by an order from Congress.

The White House will not be able to claim these emails are protected under the claim of executive privilege or separation of powers; they are not official executive branch emails.

Watch those emails. They will be incendiary.

That's my take from up range.

As ever, my friends and fellow travellers, keep your powder dry.

Peace to all of you, even those of you on the "other side." You are still family to me.

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exgrad said...

The thing that makes my stomach turn is the twist in spin that the administration (along with its cronies) has been using regarding the funding bill for the continuance of the Iraq war. They claim that the Democrats are "denying our troops what they need" in order to score "political points."

Oddly enough this is the same administration that refused to provide decent body armor for these same troops... not to mention the fact that the war itself was the very clearly the result of politically motivated lies, designed to fool the public.

The outright contempt of this administration for the people (who of course, did not elect them, at least the first time, so there's a perverse logic there) continually leaves me(and for me, as one who never shuts up, this is signficant), speechless.

I really hope that the country has really woken up, and also that the rest of the world forgives us.