Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Those E-mails Again

I don't see how the White House has any basis at all to claim executive privilege over emails they sent and received using the Republican National Committee's server rather than their own government-supplied one.

The law clearly states that no political activity can take place using the resources of the federal government. By definition, the RNC is a political organization, and those using their server are engaging in politicking.

The administration wants to have its cake and eat it too. They are official executive e-mails, they say, and are thus protected from disclosure in the ways all official communications emanating from the White House are. If they are legitimate government business, however, they need to be preserved and should have been in their White House data banks from the beginning.

These officials made a conscious choice to fly beneath the radar here. They may have assumed this shady strategy of keeping parallel systems would never come to light, as the responsibility to investigate their actions would fall to the corporate media whores and the Republican Congress, neither group having showed much taste for getting into the slimy specifics of things Republican.

I think they just figured they had gerrymandered and obstructed and flim-flammed the country - scared them nearly senseless, too - enough to maintain their cynical grip on power, their War on the Will of the People.

It seems very simple from where I stand. There are only two possible reasons for sidestepping the official procedures for guaranteeing an accurate and complete public record.

1. The RNC system was used for political activity. This would be the appropriate avenue for politicking taking place outside of official business. There is no legitimate reason to use this server during the regular workday within the government. How then could thse extra-governmental emails be protected by executive privilege? You tell me.

2. The political wing of the Bush administration intentionally circumvented the safeguards on White House communications in order to allow them to communicate without the scrutiny of Congress, the American people, their political opponents, and ultimately, history. More likely. More sinister.

Thank you, America, for waking up. You are late for work, very late for school, but better late than never.

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