Monday, September 22, 2008

Dispatch from Republican Utopia: Reality Bites McCain.

Unexpected good news here. The American people actually seem to remember which political party spent forty years pushing the ideological belief that deregulation of industry is not only sound business, but a moral and patriotic imperative.

If the people don't forget, and if don't they get lulled back to sleep with sedative-laced red meat and lullabies courtesy of Karl Rove and his All-Star Fox Network Band, then John McCain is toast in November.

Only a deep collective sleep, or mass amnesia, can save him.

Meanwhile, McCain's double half-gainer flip-flop on the matter of Wall Street greed could have earned him a gold medal in diving at Beijing. There he is, yelling louder, getting angrier and angrier, demanding re-regulation of insurance and mortgage companies. But at whom is he angry? The wreckage of our economy lies at his feet, deregulated, as per his wishes. Perhaps he is mad at his timing, or maybe his bad luck?

Old men should not do these kind of calisthenics. And for the sake of the world, would someone please give Senator McCain a mental status exam? Based on his erratic behavior, belligerent nonsense, chronic misstatements, and poor judgment lately, it is clear McCain is in cognitive decline -- but the rest of us?

What's our excuse?

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Flamsey said...

This "government" bailout is The Shock Doctrine in action. It is the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of the world... it is also the biggest transfer of power... from Congress to the White House in the history of this country.

What is the worst that could happen if we did not do it? I am already broke! Zero times zero is zero. I only wish is was at zero. It would be nice to see the sun again. This hole I am in is cold and dark.