Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Clarity Comes

Just a flash, then more on this later. As I ready for work and the stories flow from NPR and the Today Show, I am struck that the election this year is a real watershed event.

My new headline for the election:


A cursory examination of every McCain campaign assertion, and the actual record of Sarah Palin, shows that the Republican win-at-all-costs fantasy machine is still humming along full-bore.

I wrote a post entitled "friction kills the spin machine" many moons ago. Guess I was wrong, or too optimistic, or both.

If buying into the fiction that gave us George W. Bush, Iraq, torture, trillions in debt, the death of Habeus Corpus, and the collapse of our banking system (to the great benefit of the super-rich) didn't wake us up, maybe nothing will.

Maybe nothing will.

More later.

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