Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Dignity of High Office

Waking this morning prepared to be positive, I am greeted by this photo emailed by a friend. I question whether it's authentic, although there is no reason why it would not be, based on my understanding of Governor Palin's "maverick image."

I admit, Palin looks better brandishing a rifle than Cheney (then again, so do most people). The question is, who is she going to shoot in the face?

Speaking of veeps and guns, I offer a link to a GTL post from February 2006 that I hope you will enjoy in nostalgia with me. It has nothing to do with Dick Cheney's drunken hunting crime (excuse me -- "accident"). I just remembered the title, which made me laugh when I wrote it, and makes me laugh now.

Sunny and cool this fine morning. And not just the weather.


qrobinson said...

But you see, it really doesn't matter if the picture is real or not. Millions of people will think it is and even those few who think it might not will still love her because they think it COULD be real and by God she is one of them and knows how to use that thing too. The liberals had better get serious, stop worrying about Palin, and start talking about the real issues. Has anyone been watching the markets? Doesn't it scare you a little bit that the two largest mortgage companies in the world have gone bankrupt? Of course everyone is using the OTher B word, if that will make it all better. We should be reminding voters Who has caused this mess....and it was not Barack Obama.

Anonymous said...

I saw somewhere that this was a fake, they showed another head, and Palin's head. The other seemed more authentic, but it was troubling how well they both matched.

But Grobinson's comment is apt.