Thursday, September 04, 2008

Giuliani On Fear

Rudy Giuliani told the crowd in St. Paul last night that the Democrats were "afraid to use the term 'Islamic Terrorism.'" The Dems pledged to fight terrorism, just not Islamic terrorism. That makes them weak and afraid, see. Sorry, Rudy, but making that dog hunt will be a a stretch even for a master truth-mangler like you.

The good news about the right wing is that they always project their own inadequacies and deep feelings on others and then ridicule them. Once you know the formula, they are very easy to understand.

There is fear abroad in the land. The Republicans fear having their clocks cleaned by Obama.

Psychological projection aside, there are words the Right fears more than any that the Left may be avoiding. Their fear is so palpable that these words were not uttered once in three days of the Republican National Convention, and only once last night, in the not-ready-for-prime-time slot filled by Mitt Romney.

What words are they afraid of saying out loud?




Why vote for a party that tries to disavow their own leader?

Come on, people, is there any Kool-Aid even left in the pitcher?

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