Friday, September 26, 2008

Live Blogging the Debate

Twenty-five minutes into the first debate and I am struck by the bloodlessness of Jim Lehrer's questioning. "Where do you stand on the bailout package?" is not a good start.

For one, no one knows what is IN the bailout package.

Second, all of Washington is saying that the injection of presidential politics into the bailout planning is unhelpful and in fact disruptive to the delicate process going on now in Washington.

Jim Lehrer seems to be asking question as if he were sitting in his own living room and indulging his own curiosity. It appears that he wrote them all this afternoon.

Neither candidate is particularly impressive here.

9:33 PM Another question about the current crisis and how each man will govern in light of it.

We're bogged down in question 99% of Americans don't understand. And the slogging is slow.

To my mind, McCain is restraining himself and actually seems more on his game than Obama.

Round one goes to McCain.

Jim Lehrer has got to broaden the questioning. How we got to the current financial calamity in Washington is what he should be focusing on.

9:38 Ah. Obama scores a hit: "John, your president is responsible for the out-of-control spending etc.... you supported him 90% of the time..."

9:39 We're talking about Iraq now. Maybne the worm will turn.

9:50 The people can judge. Obama stresses the folly of the Iraq war. McCain stresses the success of the surge. Let's hope the people keep their eyes on the ball.

McCain continues to do better than I expected, Obama less so.

9:53 McCain is in his element when he talks about war. Americans will listen to his take on troop levels. He accuses Obama of wanting to attack Pakistan. Makes Obama seem unstable.

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Ben said...

Two of the things I learned from the debate tonight.
1. A bad economy is caused by a bad government, as stated by McCain concerning Iran.
2. The best diplomatic solution cited by McCain was when President Clinton sent Madeline Albright to North Korea.

So, in effect, John McCain proved that our government is currently "bad" because our economy is tanking and that we should elect a Democrat to bring back diplomacy as an option in global affairs.

I am not sure why Obama didn't pounce on these two points that were among several others that he let slide...