Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Rose by Any Other (Middle) Name

I support Barack Obama. I think he's the better of the two presidential candidates, the stronger thinker and the greater gentleman. I also happen to believe he is ten times tougher, calmer, and more resilient than John McCain. I have been nervous in previous posts over his unwillingness to get down into the gutter with his opponents, but it is a gamble that has paid off handsomely in terms of poll numbers, and left many of us feeling clean for a change besides.

Thank you, Senator Obama!

I despise the dirty tricks Republicans since Lee Atwater have used to take political power and screw the American people. But I have to break ranks with my fellow Left-leaning writers and pundits when they wring their hands over Republicans' latest gambit in the sleaze wars: calling Obama by his full name.

Most people know by now that Obama's middle name is Hussein. It's hardly worth mentioning at this late date. The fact that his opponents are doing so only underscores their desperation and lack of real ideas or creativity.

Americans are not responding to the bloody red meat of Rovian campaigning any more. I guess they feel like government not only isn't always the problem, but sometimes is the only solution to enormously difficult problems. Turns out when you turn the heat up, voters recognize the need for reality-based leaders with actual knowledge and experience.

So my opinion is this: it's his name, his real name, the name his parents gave him. He has nothing to be ashamed of. Barack Hussein Obama is a true patriotic American and public servant in the finest sense.

The rest of the world sees Obama's success as progress, and it is.

So let Sarah Lee Moose-Musk call Obama by his real name as if it alone, and not his ideas, were evidence of his unfitness for office. let the hang-'em high crowd go after him.

Let 'em all shout it. It only diminishes them.


Democratic Doctor said...

Glad you finally came out of the closet. I've always known you would become a Bama Backer. Looks like it's gonna get muddier before November. Put your waders on and get out the noseplugs.

nomis said...

I actually don't see the use of Obama's middle name as an example of desperation; it's more straight-forward cynicism. From what I have read in various sources, the "hate" vote (including those who say one thing, but vote another way) is typically around 5-7% in any given election (especially when race is involved). What the McCain campaign appears to be doing is making sure that part of the electorate shows up. Obama faces a tougher challenge than a normal candidate; by bringing up the "Hussein," the republicans appear to be doubling-down on the fear/hate issue. He already has enough trouble with being the first African-American candidate; adding in the supposed Muslim label is designed to bring out those parts of the electorate who really don't read or listen to any real ideas; they vote on instinct, gut or whatever.

These reasons are exactly why the Obama campaign cannot just rest; it's gonna be close, even if it shouldn't be.