Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Small Town Values At Big City Prices

Sarah Palin spins around the clock to convince us she's the aw-shucks-just-folks nominee from small-town "real America."

Sure she is. If you believe that I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

This morning on NBC comes the news that the pit bull herself is not content with lipstick; the Republican party has spent over $150, 000 on clothes from high-end stores for her to wear on the campaign trail.

Wonder what the other hockey moms will say: Sarah's puttin' on airs?

But the best - or worst - is yet to come.

When it comes to providing basic services to the middle class and poor, or helping provide health insurance for millions of uninsured Americans, Governor Palin howls like a banshee about "socialism" -- a word I would give a hundred dollars to hear her even attempt to correctly define (this is a woman who could not correctly explain the role of vice president to a young school child).

The Sarah Palin we see on TV is cut from whole cloth - and not the high-quality cloth her party has wrapped her in from Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. Now we find she has quietly made her home state's beloved small government a little bit bigger, making the taxpayer pick up the tab for over twenty thousand dollars' worth of airplane tickets - for her children.

Millions of Americans are losing their homes, savings, health care, retirement accounts - but helping them isn't the government's job, according to Sarah Lee Moose-Musk and those adoring white men of the GOP trying to get a glimpse under her skirt at her speeches.

Providing free air travel for "real American" children to go to work with their mommies is.

What will be next?

Can't wait to find out.


Cheeseman said...

The real crie is what they charge for womens clothing! No self respecting man would spen that kind of green on duds...

Cheeseman said...

well actually the real crime is my spelling...