Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Their Politics, Their Women.

The more Sarah Palin speaks, the more amazed I am that anyone would put their integrity and judgment on the line to vouch for her suitability for high office. At this point, I would not vote for this woman for PTA president at my daughter's elementary school, let alone for the second-highest office in the U.S. government.

And yet there are those who will forgive anything, even a woman who can't name a single Supreme Court decision aside from Roe vs. Wade, and when asked what newspapers or periodicals she reads to inform her of world events, pauses and replies, "all of them," but can't name a single one.

McCain is the new mega-Bush. His politically-motivated cynicism has a direct analogue in the Bush White House: the President's nomination of Harriet Myers for the Supreme Court.

If there is anyone out there who will still carry an ounce of Bush's water for his nomination of Harriet Myers, and is willing to come on this blog and do so publicly, I will personally congratulate him for his courage and audacity, if not his judgment and credibility.

My intuition tells me that in a few short weeks Palin will be in the same category as Myers and there will be no one left in her own party leadership willing to expend a drop of political capital on her.

We shall see.

Postscript. I just googled Ms. Myers and apparently I am not the first to make this connection.

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nomis said...

if you are responding to Bob Herbert's article (stating that Palin should be dropped from the ticket), that is really just a classic case of punditry.

the truth of the matter is that dropping Palin would cost far more political capital to McBain (sic) that leaving her on. They are going to have to grin and bear it...