Sunday, December 07, 2008

It's Gonna Be A Big Book...

Karl Rove is going to name names.

I can see the reviews now: Too many characters. Too repetitive.

Too depressing?

Rove blames "Bush haters" for never accepting the C-Minus Man as presidential material.

How ironic is it that the party who refused to accept the legitimacy of Bill Clinton, one of the most popular presidents of our time, and who actively fought for his impeachment long before there was any evidence of any high crime or misdemeanor, now absurdly excoriates the 70% of the population who are disgusted with their man for the same infraction.

Clinton was never "really" the choice of the people. He owed his success to Ross Perot splitting the Republican vote, or so the ditto-heads explained. Remember that? So going after him from moment one was fair - it wasn't like he was the "real" candidate of choice... they seem to forget that Bush lost the popular election by over half a million votes and that in the eyes of the world Bush was measurably less "legit" than Clinton ever was, either before or after his impeachment.

Apparently, the Right is out of ammo and desperate enough to throw their own playbook over the ramparts... it won't hurt anyone but may serve as a distraction.

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