Thursday, January 22, 2009

GOP Human Rights Watch:: Haven't The Torturers Suffered Enough?

The party that gave us Extraordinary Rendition, Enhanced Interrogation, and Total Information Awareness has now become the protector of our nation's delicate and ladylike feelings.

Compassionate Conservatism suddenly abounds. Or rebounds. Read on.

The leaders of our ethically retarded Party-in-Disgrace are holding up the confirmation of Eric Holder as Attorney General because he won't agree to let torture slide.

Satchel Paige once famously declared, "never look back. They might be gaining on you." The Right is running scared, and is determined to rip off all the rear-view mirrors as they careen into the dustbin of history.

And the world is definitely gaining on them, stirring up the shallow graves of the Bush administration and its victims. The claim of Republicans, and sad to say, many Democrats, seems to be, "sure, the president ordered the torture of captives, held them without charges or access to lawyers, had our hapless enlisted grunts set upon them with dogs and electrical shocks to the genitals, with stress positions, freezing cells, nudity, forced homosexual acts, and probably worse. And sure, these are war crimes when anyone but Americans commit them.

Look they say: We did these things. We broke our captives like Humpty Dumpties, and no one will ever put them back together again. But our intentions were good, and that's got to count for something, and it's much more important to move forward than to seek justice and clean our own house. It's not as if these are the Japs or the Germans who waterboarded anyone. It's us. And do we really need to do the right thing here?

This is a new one to the GTL: To Hell with the victims. Haven't the criminals suffered enough?

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nomis said...

Didn't Bush already pre-emptively pardon himself and his cronies a few years ago when the supreme court ruled that what they were doing was illegal?

Here's the clip I remember: