Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Party of Bad Behavior

Think, friends.

Think back to the era when Republicans were in their ascendancy. When radical "conservatives" seized control of Congress, then the White House, then the Supreme Court and the media.

How many Republican offices were vandalized then?

How many screaming Democrats hurled racial or homophobic slurs at elected officials - or accused a president of being a liar, DURING a state of the union address??

How many liberals threatened to use violence to "water the tree of liberty?"

In short, how many liberals felt the need to act out in shameful, degrading and even illegal ways to express their displeasure at having lost a fair fight in a political contest? How many liberals find it easy to disregard the rule of law when they feel justified?

None. Not one.

If we turn off the sound and look only at the behavior, which group is the dangerous one? Which is the saner?

To you mean-spirited, right-wing jihadists - and you know who you are - I say this:

You shame yourself and your party. Given your druthers, you'd shame our whole country, and all Americans.

You may not break the rules because you are losing the game.


Anonymous said...

Here's another thought. Why the hell are the Republicans getting so much news airtime, so much attention, when they are such a small group? Why are liberal voices never heard, why is any real debate shut down? You'd think that Republicans reflected some kind of will of the people since they seem to dominate the news.

Aimlow Joe said...

Crazy White people, throwing shit and lighting it on fire is always bad for business.
Aimloe Joe