Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Obama: Christian Racist or Muslim Extremist? The GOP Can't Decide.

Is ANYBODY in the Mainstream Media fact-checking the paranoid extremists at all anymore?

Remember when the controversy over the President's religion centered on his twenty-five year relationship with the incendiary black preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright?

I seem to recall the deep "concern" on the part of his GOP adversaries that Obama's membership in Rev. Wright's Christian congregation -- and the pastor's speeches daring to call attention to America's racist past and present -- were proof of Mr. Obama's deep-seated fear and hatred of whites.

The question is almost too obvious to ask (which means of course that no one in the mainstream media has asked it). Nevertheless, here we go:

How can a person with a demonstrated twenty-five year history of Christian church attendance and a close relationship with a Christian minister suddenly become a radical Muslim?

If you're like me, the answer is obvious: He can't. He isn't.

Shame on every media hairdo who lacks the brainpower and guts to cut through the distractions, the flim-flam and lies, and do the sacred job of telling truth to power, and providing the people with the facts they need to fight against the lies of the Powerful.

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moira said...

Amen, brother! Thanks for reminding us about the Rev. Wright chicanery.