Thursday, September 09, 2010

Where The Hate Comes From... A Liar, Not An Idiot.

A word on Rush Limbaugh:

Isn't this the man who said it was treason to criticize the president during wartime? This goes beyond criticism into outright paranoid ranting. It's one thing when some rural bumpkin evangelist threatens to burn a Koran. It's another when the most powerful man in radio, who holds enormous influence over the Republican Party and its rabid followers, says this sort of stuff, and is met with silence by the MSM.

Shame on the media whores and hairdos who can't find enough courage to state the truth. And shame on anyone foolish enough to believe this self-aggrandizing weasel. Here's the money quote:

"America was built by people who reject everything Imam Obama stands for, reject everything Imam Obama is doing...Obama's propaganda is the propaganda of failed, dead regimes: the old Soviet Union, Cuba. Obama's railing against capitalism. He's railing against private property...Barack Obama is the antithesis of the founding of this country...Had Obama been around at the founding of this country and had he been known, he would be a joke in American history books today." -- Rush Limbaugh

Thanks to Slate's Doonesbury Daily Dose for the above quote.

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