Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thoughts For Today

If you love your country you want it to thrive. If you have billions you should be grateful to live in a land where such fortunes are possible to make and keep.

This country belongs to its citizens. Our legal system is as much mine as Donald Trump's. Every time he gets a permit to build something he is asking the people to share their common wealth in allowing him to do so. He has asked for a lot of these, BTW.

Every time a major corporation sues someone for copyright or patent infringement, or breach of contract, etc., it is using our common wealth - the courts, which we all own equally - to do so.

The billionaire uses all the same parts of America that the rest of us do, only in vastly higher quantities. Whether it's consuming more energy from the electrical grid, putting more cars on the collectively-owned highways, using more water, or utilizing the court system more often to address grievances, the rich use up more of this country's shared wealth than the poor. They should pay more because they use more, make more waste, consume more resources, and they couldn't make one thin dime without clean air, water, workable infrastructure, power grids, courts and police to guarantee legal redress...

No, sadly, the rich want socialism for themselves and capitalism for everyone else. Oldest game in the book.


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I should add that I found your blog via aimlowjoe.

So far I'm enjoying what I'm reading.