Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Eric F. saw our site and had this to say:

Hello GTL!

good to see another good guy with his heart, head, and gun hand in the
right place! And maybe we're getting to the point where those who
value the 2nd will have to use it to defend the First, as was always
intended... Anyway, I just wanted to ask you if you have a comment
section available, as I was unable to find one.

Besides that, I have never bought into the "Religious Right" leaders'
really believing in god, any god, except maybe Mammon, Odin or even
Shiva the Destroyer. It's like thinking a "snake oil" salesman really
believed his recently mixed blend of alcohol and turpentine and camphor
was really going to cure the suckers that he would shamelessly fleece
the next day. And, unfortunately, suckers and fools of all kinds are
still around in large numbers today, constitutionally unable to stop a
microsecond to think for themselves and question the provenance of the
blatant lies they are regularly fed by whores, thieves and traitors in
our government and media.

Anyway, before we ultimately win back our rights as free Americans, as
we most certainly will, and stomp these latter day fascists back to the
slime where they came from, let's keep our hand in with our favourite
"pistola" as you suggest, whatever it may be! ( make mine a well balanced .45 ACP
! )

best regards and good work, good luck, and good shooting!

eric c. forat


Gun-Toting Liberal said...

damn... I'm with ya man... but seems we've got the same monicker. Oh well, a good cause is a good cause and best of luck to ya.

Snave said...

While I don't tote my gun, I still own it. It's my 1893 Stevens Marksman .22, and it is the most accurate rifle on earth(!)

I'm definitely a lefty, but I live in a rural area where lots of folks hunt, have issues with land use, and don't want the timber industry shut down despite favoring most environmental causes (I just think there is a better way to do the logging). I side with my local friends on these issues, and most of them are GOP fanatics. I'm not terrifically enthusiastic about the Democratic party, but I am wholly unenthusiastic about the Theocratic... er... Republican party.

Good to find someone else who is not in favor of the Bush agenda but still likes to shoot.

Snave said...

oops, bad gramer

I should have said "and I am someone who doesn't want the timber industry shut down, despite my favoring most environmental causes (I just think there is a better way to do the logging)."

exgrad said...

Hey, don't put down Shiva; Shiva gives while destroying; destruction can be positive, and make room for new growth. But of course you point is well taken... Mammon is a better example