Monday, April 04, 2005

Psychosis is indeed the right word

Are you following what's happened since Terri Schiavo died?

Our moral superiors in Congress, having been scolded all the way back to Civics 101 by the Federal Courts, are now not only calling for the destruction of the independent judiciary by this Republican Congress, but for the blood of judges who dare thwart the will of the people by not letting them have their way. The Constitution be damned!

Witness Tom DeLay threatening vengeance on "activist judges" who refuse to enshrine the Christian Right's view of their morality as Law. He refuses to condemn violence against JUDGES. AMERICAN judges. In AMERICA.

Now, Tom, I don't mean to be petty, but are you sure this squares with Jesus' teaching?

America, I ask you: Is Tom DeLay, or George Bush for that matter, the kind of leader Jesus would really have wanted us to have?

The scary thing is that the Right really does believe the judiciary is rife with God- and America-hating hippies or pinkos who are thwarting the will of God.

Not the American people mind you, but God, as if two hundred years of American History hasn't taught them a single lesson about the dangers of claiming to represent that tired, old, morally challenged, Narcissistic deity of ours. That's all we need now, at this moment in history: Yahweh Moms.

So are "activist judges" the new Terrorists? Frankly it's hard to keep up with the endless parade of Boogeymen the Right has paraded past us in the past fifty years.






Union members.

Teachers of Evolution.





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