Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Condi n' Chalabi Sittin' In A Tree! (gotta love Iran's favorite Iraqi spy)

Ahmed, Ahmed...

whither thou goest Ahmed?

You are so misunderstood. Convicted in banking scandals, abandoned by President Cheney... forced to take a second-tier job in the New Iraq, a step removed from the gushing river of money...

And now not even important enough to be arrested for forwarding U.S. secrets to Iran... I hope you are not getting an inferiority complex, little man!

Especially since you let the Iranian Mullahs know we broke their code. That's a biggie, nu? One might think this would rate at least the loving kiss of American steel, handcuffs and a nice ride in a paid-for federal vehicle, but no.

All you get is a ride with Condi on the rusting, sinking ship of state, the wheezy, cheesy, and disease-y USS Scow-Bush.

As I write, I am reminded of a vacancy you CAN fill, now that Rodney Dangerfield has gone to the great Friar's Club in the sky:

Can you stick out your neck, pop your eyes a bit, and say loudly, "I tell ya, I GET NO RESPECT!"

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