Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dick's World: Living Proof That Money Cannot Buy Love

Given the glee with which Junior Bush and Karl Rove have sacked and pillaged the careers of their opponents over the years using MCarthyistic smear tactics, and in light of the rivers of blood shed by their fool's errand in Iraq, it is all but impossible to feel the smallest shred of pity for this train wreck of a president.

However, when we see how he has been fooled, schooled, dominated, tooled, and made into the cell-block bee-yotch of his Sith Lord Darth Cheney, one is almost tempted to have a twinge on his behalf.


Lets be clear: Bush will cut Cheney loose sooner or later. My feeling is another year is about right, barring another scandal - which could very well break today, tomorrow or Hell, any time. When it happens, no amount of spin from the Right will be able to obscure the fact that, with Cheney's ignominious departure, the legitimacy and purpose of the Bush II presidency is gone - poof! Like the proverbial s*** through a goose. Without Cheney's ideas, what ideas are there in the White House?

George may be able to salvage the admiration of the rust-and-bible belt voter, as he seems to parrot their language in ways which continue to lull them to sleep while he and his country club cronies rob them blind. But there is no mistaking the writing on the wall for those whose reading goes beyond the Jesus'-words-in-red scriptures.

At this point is there a miracle which can save this presidency?

(Save it from the truth?)

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