Thursday, November 10, 2005

Move Over Condi (Hitchens Loves Chalabi, Too)

It seems that political scribe Christopher Hitchens has his own theory of how U.S. crypto secrets found their way from disgraced Iraq svengali Ahmed Chalabi's hot little paws to Iranian officials. Read it here, but not while drinking milk - it'll come out your nose.

The willingness of some people to not see what's staring them in the face is a common though bewildering aspect of our glorious species. People who would impeach a president for making a distinction under oath between fellatio and intercourse ("I did not have sex with that woman") somehow can explain away a host of actual, serious insults to democracy and the rule of law.

Someone I work near has a bumper sticker that reads, "Boycott France," with the moniker beneath it, "no-spin zone."

Maybe he thinks there's "no spin" in the Republican leadership; I for one get dizzy watching the whirling of these dervishes. The fact that they claim to be God's party while in fact they are little more than the lapdogs and lackeys of a patently amoral corporate kleptocracy - and the fact that about a third of the country hasn't caught on yet - makes the dizzying dance seem that much more disorienting.

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