Friday, December 16, 2005

God to Bush: Ignore Constitution: "Just a Piece of Paper"

President Bush recently commented, in an exchange that has raised eyebrows and warning signs throughout the blogosphere but otherwise attracted little notice, that the Constitution of the U.S. "is just a piece of paper." Of course, when you take your orders directly from God, as Bush has claimed he does to more than one individual on more than one occasion, any human-derived document would obviously be of little merit or persuasiveness. Why not toss that brittle, brown ol' parchment thing right out?!

Now comes the news that three years ago Bush ordered what appears to be illegal surveillance of hundreds of American citizens without the required court orders. Everything was done under the rubric of National Security.

I guess the Lord gave him the go-ahead. What a team player, that God. He deserves his place alongside Rummy, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rice, and all the other holy-roller millionaires down in front.

I'm not sure how I feel having a president who believes the only relevant checks to his absolute imperial power are the ones God whispers in his ear. In America it's a square-one proposition that we follow the rule of Law, and not our own quirky, idiosyncratic notions of what God wants us to do. I mean, basic, basic, fundamental, square-one agreement. (actually I do know how I feel: scared!)

We are approaching a day when politicians on the Right will only feel the need to shout, "Oh, Lordy, de Debbil made me do it!" to be exonerated of any wrongdoing. Pockets stuffed with money, caviar and champagne dribbling down their shirts, free vacation tickets, prostitutes paid for by good Christian lobbyists, huge suburban homes at appealing discount prices, free room and board on luxury yachts, thousand-dollar golf outings, gifts galore... but absolutely unimpeachable - since the president has looked into their souls - a la Vladimir Putin and Ahmed Chalabi - and pronounced them "good men," before moving on to the intra-cranial conference with God over whether or not to obey the Law.

And guess what? Turns out after all these years, God never liked America at all - not with all its meaningless pieces of paper clouding over His Will. In the end God whispers in the ear of President C-Minus, "Go for it. Let's roll."

In our society, people who claim to be directed by the "voice of God" which no one else can hear are generally classified as psychotics suffering from auditory command hallucinations. Our aggressor in chief, despite raising his hand twice and solemnly swearing to protect and defend that "piece of paper," has apparently let his true values show. They are not American values, they are Messianic Christian ones, with a healthy dose of Corporate greed, personal arrogance and hubris to grease the works.

Is the president in fact a paranoid psychotic? Or has he traded the mantle of world-dominator for the humble raiment of a preacher? Only time and catastrophic injustices will tell.

Won't someone in a blue dress please give this man fellatio so he can be impeached and get the long plane ride back to Waco he so richly deserves?


mysticagent said...

You know that this will fester on the stinking pile of fecal matter that this admin keeps shoving in the closets. I mean, the white house must go though a LOT of air freshener to cover the stench eminating from all the s$#t and dead bodies (i.e. 'skeletons') they have in their closets. I mean, does the WH have enough closet space? I would thing that just that statement alone (the piece of paper bit) should be enopugh to impeach: it is clear contempt for the oath of office. Period. WTF?!??!!
Oh, and not a favorite, but a hated weapon: the SAW - the concept was right (standardize ammo), and even the basic design allowing it to be belt or clip fed was a great idea. The weapon SUCKS SLIMY ROCKS! The M16A-1 doesn't jam nearly as often as that POS. So there.

Cheeseman said...

I can not wait for the NBC movie of the week about this administration in 2010! I hope Bob Woodward pens the screen play. It will be so much fun to watch it from our secret prison cells in deep dark Africa.

I can only hope I survive the Bird Flu pandemic and am still around to watch.

Look out!