Friday, December 16, 2005

Have You Heard of Mighty Aphrodite?

Mighty Aphrodite is a frequent commenter at the blog She hews tightly to the white house talking point of the day with admirable dedication and loyalty. Read here how she is spinning the president's recent comment that he believes Tom Delay is innocent, after laying out the "policy" that the White House doesn't comment about ongoing criminal investiagtions. Of course, they meant the Valerie Plame affair when they said that... it wasn't a statement of principle or anything...

Read my response:

Mighty Aphrodite is willing to carry a lot of water for her man George. Just like Tammy Wynette did for HER George. Of course, that was usually after he hit the bottle - and her -a little too hard.

Do you have a problem with Mighty A? Maybe you think she should leave him, bust up the co-dependency, check into a blog for battered women?

What are you, a bleeding-heart Liberal?

I say you go, Girl. Stand by your man until the bitter end. Who cares WHAT comes out of his twisted little pie-hole. When he tells you war is peace you GO, and back him up. When he calls out in the night, slick with sweat from uneasy dreams (a nod to Gregor Samsa here) that freedom is slavery, you must BE THERE, Mighty, to stroke his head, to whisper those sweet nothings he can’t get from Laura… finally, when he pins the medal on you that reads “ignorance is strength,” you will have earned the right to call yourself an American Girl - Bush-style.

To quote the president’s grandfather, “Seig Heil!”

Mighty, the president needs you - now more than ever. Because the fact is, people close to him report some disturbing psychological warning signs and behaviors lately; rages, moodiness, tantrums, blaming everyone for his own mistakes… frankly, I can see the writing on the wall (even when Karl Rove hefts his bulk in front of it so as not to reveal it):

Your lovesexy presi-hunk is not doing so well.

Look out for the public tantrum, because it may be coming soon, and then that will be it for his reputation as a grownup. He’ll need you most then, because it will take a herculean amount of force to spin his dead reputation then. And lots of clean, patriotic, cotton-panties-style retro American love. And you’re the gal to bring it.

(whew, I get so WORKED UP writing this… gotta open a window!)

BTW, there is no evidence to suggest that George was making a statement amounting to a reminder that all accused persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

“Do you believe he’s innocent?” “Yes I do.”

Anything else is your own interpretation. What’s not there simply isn’t there. Unless you hold that it depends on the meaning of the word “is.” But such parsing is for slimy flip-floppers from some other, inferior, political party. Our POTUS would never flip-flop… what? he changed his mind about torture? oh… never mind!

By the way, why is it that a person arrested in the US is entitled to the presumption of innocence - even an ethically questionable individual such as Delay - but the thousands of people we are holding incommunicado in secret torture centers around the globe are given the presumption of guilt? I thought the presumption of innocence was based on the founding fathers’ concept of inalienable human rights, not on real estate law?

Does real estate matter so much that where you’re standing determines everything?

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