Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election vs. Selection: Democracy Hangs in the Balance

Good morning fellow moderate reactionaries.

All around the country Americans are waking, or will soon, and going to the polls, attempting to vote. The surveys have been unequivocal: whether it's by five points or twenty-five points, the surveys all agree that the nation wants a change, and for the one-party rape of the constitution to come to a halt. For the war to end, the scandals to abate, the earmarks to be scaled back, the poverty and lack of access to health care to wane.

With even the evangelicals seeing the manipulativeness and insincerity of those scaly hypocrites who wooed and screwed them, there is no debate about what the country actually wants. The only question that remains is this:

Will our will be thwarted yet again?

Republicans want to get out their votes and suppress all the rest. Some of them languish in jail as I write due to their sleazy machinations last time around, and courts across the land have dockets full of yet more, creeps who tried to block the constitutional process they claim to love so well.

Who's to say how many non-Republican citizens, registered voters, precinct captains, and other civic leaders (all guilty of the crime of not being fabulously well-to-do and well-connected) will be turned away yet again by Republican traitors manning the polls?

True lovers of democracy want a fair fight more than a partisan victory. But then again, true lovers of democracy tend to think for themselves and avoid the Kool-Aid like the plague.

Anyway, my beloved fellow citizens, get out there and give 'em hell. Remember that the Gun-Toting Liberal loves and respects you. Now go. Winged thought widen thy forehead (guess the reference, win a prize).

Here are some reasons to vote today.

Keep your head high and your powder dry. For more than ever, it's do or die.


ellie said...

I know I should feel optimistic about this election but I don't really. Even if the Dems gain power, I don't have much confidence in their abilities. And I'm still not convinced that people are all that Dem-happy anyhow. Damn Rove and his robocalls! Every time I think the general public just might be catching on, I meet someone who completely crushes any hope I might have for humanity. Churchill was right -- "the best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter." *sigh*

DW said...

Well taken, Ellie. Thanks for reading.

If Churchill was right then so is the Right, only power means anything at all. I notice he didn't attempt to legislate his observations into a new political system.

It's one thing to see the masses as they are, quite another to advocate stealing their inalienable rights.

The antidote for the cynical conclusion that power is the end in itself is the recognition of the better angels of our nature. Even Lincoln, in between overseeing the bloodiest war in U.S. history and having his hat ventilated prematurely, was able to see sonething noble in this beast, manunkind. Would that we could do so as well.

I think I'll post an email I sent to a despondent friend this morning to give you a look at where my thoughts really are right now.

You are an ace! How do I get to know where you live and what demographic you represent? (Not a come-on - the GTL is happily married and busily rearing children, and also speaking about himself in the third person.)

Peace, friend. See you on the other side.

ellie said...

Sorry, I just go through these masochistic cycles of hope and hopelessness. I care too much.

I'll link my blog to my ID -- feel free to check it out if you're interested. I'm a typical Oregonian (weird, left-leaning, elitist) and non-trad college student.

I would like to say that I can't believe today's headlines (regarding voting issues). But they're completely believable -- and just seem to underscore the cynical, conspiracy theory type attitudes that I wish were unjustified.

exgrad said...

I'll respond to that Churchill quote with another one:

"democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms"

Gun-Toting Liberal said...

Well-written, and kudos from that other "Gun Toting Liberal"...

Blog ON...