Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Why I love America: Freedom of Truly Vile (conservative) Speech

Does anyone else out there but the GTL feel that profanity, threats of bodily harm, and obscene fantasies ("I hope Osama puts that gun of yours up your etc...") do more to nullify the writer's point than to support it?

I feel privileged to be part of the Blogosphere, this egalitarian heaven of free speech which allows me to reach my many readers from any computer, anywhere I go, and say exactly as I please, and hear back from others about their opinions.

This technology is a remarkable accident of history; years before the Orwellian leaders of our corporate nation (and world) ever got hip to the “Internets,” the online universe had already taken a firm hold on the future and was growing exponentially, shepherded by a generation of programmers, hacker-daddies, and future billionaire misfit nerds who had more to gain from the creation of a wide-open forum with fundamental net neutrality than from another venue for corporate pimps and soul-sucking idea assassins.

If I have the time I would like to read every comment on any random politically-oriented Blog-string and collect and analyze information to answer the following questions:

Who uses sexually graphic imagery and language more, liberal commenters or conservatives? And to what extent?

Which orientation demonstrates more anger and rage, as understood by the use of threats, violent language, and graphically violent fantasies?

Which orientation has a better grasp of facts?

Who are the better listeners?

Which group is more likely to ignore the complexity of situations and leap impulsively into action?

Who is more likely to commit ethically questionable or downright illegal behaviors in order to gain or keep power?

Anyone feel like helping?

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exgrad said...

how about, who is likely to have their congressional decisions overturned as unconstitutional?