Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Learning to Speak Republican, Part III. Putting Down the Daddy Club. The Neo-Con Fantasies (a new WWII for the future past).

It seems that the prez is definitely not impressed with his daddy's friends and their "expert" opinions. NO surprise there. The Oedipal drama overshadows the needs inherent in the situation; if Shrub climbs on board the Daddy Express and it takes him toward ending the war, he will have been castrated. Even "Brown Sugar" Rice knows this and that their view is untenable. What's a few thousand lives in comparison to the Oh so Shakes-pe-herian drama?

One other thing I have noticed is the apparent switcheroo in the Neo-C’s logic; if we complain that the Geneva Convention and the Rules of War are being violated, we are reminded that this is a “new kind of war,” and that, in essence, all bets are off. There is no enemy, only “enemy combatants,” who as we know are everywhere, including in our own country. We cannot provide these people with the rights our Constitution say they have, the supposedly unalienable ones like liberty. Never mind privacy, free speech protection, and Habeas Corpus.

On the other hand, whenever we talk about Bush’s dreadful folly and the need to extract ourselves from the quagmire, we are reminded of FDR, Truman, Mom, apple pie, Lou Gherig and the noble sacrifices of WWII. In essence we are told, “this is just like world war two, except that if we’d had the current surrender-monkey Democrats running the country in 1941, we never would have fought Hitler.”

In arguments with the Neos, we must point out this disingenuousness by first making the points about human rights so they can respond with the “new kind of war” argument. They will allude to WWII all by themselves, as their paranoid group fantasy is cathected right to daddy’s generation and their vicissitudes.

My response, in this imaginary duel, would be, “okay, it’s a new kind of war but also exactly like WWII. Got it. Except that, if as you say we are fighting WWII again, shouldn’t it be over by now, like the “first” WWII?

I would refer you to an earlier GTL post about friction and the spin machine. And someone please comment; I want to know what you’re thinking.

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exgrad said...

If Bush and his people state this re: WWII, then they either do not know their history, or they are outright lying. During that era, the Republican party was isolationist. In reality if THEY were in power then, then we very certainly would not have gone to war.

In fact many Republicans (including Senator Prescott Bush, W's grandfather) were very likely Nazi sympathizers, and might have argued that we should have joined with the Germans and fought the British. (okay, maybe not that last point, but he did do business with the Germans during the war, along with George Herbert Walker, W's other grandfather).