Friday, April 20, 2007

Speedy Gonzalez, the "Dunno" Man

He can't recall. Ask him a hundred questions and he can't recall. His abysmal performance and disingenuous reliance on his own (alleged) failed memory are "truly Reaganesque," to guote a blogger I read earlier today.

One thing is certain. Since we now can prove that the Bush administration and their adoring Republican rubber-stamping lackeys in Congress have spent six years aggressively working to disenfranchise non-Republican voters, it is imperative that the current Congress work tirelessly to restore those same voting rights and to enhance every eligible voter's chance to exercise his or her rights to an un-tainted ballot.

If you consider this a partisan gesture, think again. We don't care who you vote for, although we do have opinions on various candidates and platforms. We just want you registered, voting, and having your vote counted.

That, my friends, is democracy. And it is just what will undo the knots our country and our electoral system are currently tied in.

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Jason said...

Democracy? DEMOCRACY????

we don need no steenkin democracy. my way or the highway pal.

actually this country was never really a true "Democracy" anyway; we never really wanted such a thing... making decisions was something that are generally best left up to the informed.

(incidentally, that's the reason behind the origin of our public education system... better people be able to read first, right?)

time to go back and read some Tocqueville. (What? Read some crazy Frenchman? what are you nuts?)