Friday, September 12, 2008

Just a Thought...

Anyone have an opinion on this:

What about Obama and Biden on an Alaska barnstorming tour? Big cities, little towns, visit local libraries... old-fashioned shoe leather politics, baby-kissin' and handshakes.

I agree with Jack-of-all-thumbs that attacking McPalin right now may not be wise for O-Biden, but with better policies and real respect for the middle class, what does Team Obama have to fear? Get out there, take all comers, answer all questions. Give the media a taste of real straight talk.

Just like they did it in St. Paul in August: take the fight into the heart of the other guy's territory.

Part of Palin's success recently is her newness on the national scene. Anyone can project any traits onto her that they imagine are there: A busy mom like me. A woman in a man's game like me. An athlete, a PTA member, a churchgoer like me.

In Alaska they know Sarah Palin, and plenty of people have had serious misgivings with her behavior in office, as mayor and as governor. As mayor of Wasilla she tried (unsuccesfully) to fire the town librarian, Mary Ellen Baker, who was president of the Alaska Library Association at the time. As governor, she tried to use her power to get her sister's ex-husband fired from his state trooper job.

A dose of northern exposure may do Obama a world of good, and strike a blow for the truth at the same time.

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Brandon said...

While I think it might be a nice little (bitch?) slap to Palin, I also think it might be a waste of time if it's not covered by the MSM.
I would like to see Biden smothering the airwaves with his wit and knowledge in interviews across the board. Get his ass on Fox if you have to, but show the people how a real VP acts.