Friday, September 12, 2008

Like Losing? Let Lies Lie.

Maybe the Republicans are right, that issues and past performance don't matter. Maybe "character" is the issue.

If it is not in your character to vigorously defend yourself and the country that you love from lies and smears, and if you're afraid to put your whole self - body and mind - on the line for the sake of truth and the people you seek to lead, maybe you don't have what it takes to lead a country.

That John McCain and Sarah Palin are patently unfit for the White House is obvious to me. McCain - too old, too unstable, has flip-flopped on every important issue, is selling a Maverick image he pawned years ago for a taste of power. Palin - whooee, not enough gigabytes on the internet to go there, would ban books like the Taliban if she could, thinks being a sassy Christian hockey-mom is a suitable substitute for knowledge and experience.

But what if Obama won't fight back? What if this unstoppable, up-from-downtrodden Brother for the People doesn't stand his ground in the American Schoolyard and face down the bully? And what if the media do their usual absentee routine?

What then?

I left the Democratic Party years ago for their confusing, self-neutering willingness to be bullied and punked. "Independent" sounded good compared to that mess and still does. I have always said that if and when they get their fight on again, I will go back. Still waiting.

The Liberals who inspire me were fearless labor leaders, tough-as-nails fighters for equal rights and justice. Obama talked like them at first and better find that voice again. He will never NOT be the better choice. But who cares what he is if he can't win a brawl with a wounded old man and his dog?


jack-of-all-thumbs said...

Unlike Kerry and Dukakis, Obama has steel in his spine. But he's keeping his powder dry precisely because he IS really running against an old man and a woman. I still remember when Gore dismembered Bush and was perceived as being 'too mean'.


Flamsey said...

Sounds to me like Obama brought a knife to a gun fight... best pony up cowboy, High Noon is a coming

Owen said...

Say it ain't so - GTL is a church goer? :-)

agree Obama has to fight back - with issues. He can't get too personal or "lose his cool." else he feeds into the "Obama associates with black radicals and may be a radical muslim" idiocy.