Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thoughtful Readers. My Cup Runneth Over.

From a comment a reader sent to my email:

2 reasons why the pic of Sarah Palladin is an old photo and likely real, not a new photoshop output, they don't make Schlitz at the present time and haven't for several years. Reason 2 - she has older glasses frames in the photo, not the trendy stop sign (octagon) shape she has been sporting lately. Therefore the photo is several years old and genuine. (Old = genuine, like me.)

Hmmm. Worth thinking about. I will be interested to see how this story evolves. As an old literature professor said, "fiction is a lie that tells the truth." In my opinion the photo captures the reality of Palin, even if it isn't actually genuine.

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Flamsey said...

It is a doctored photo...