Sunday, November 02, 2008

Two Days. Poor, Neglected Joe College Student. The Big Lie.

I for one am insulted by the embarrassing Republican tactic of foisting "Joe the Plumber" on the American people along with his friends, Joe the (insert blue collar job title here), and Joe the (again, please).

Talk about Stockholm Syndrome; Republican leaders yell about Obama waging class war, while hiding behind a wall of their own willing and enthusiastic POWs.

Meanwhile, Joe College has been ill-treated by the Right.

After all, he is the Right's child as well as ours. Think for a minute about the Republican candidates' own families. Most have grown children. I have a hard time imagining Dick Cheney's or Elizabeth Dole's adult children installing boilers and building additions on homes.

So why the hostility to educated folks? To their children? To themselves?

Or is it all a massive con to hustle the working class, who would in reality be better served elsewhere, out of their votes?

You decide for yourself. I already have.

Today the GTL crew is grateful that Joe and Jane College can think for themselves. And we like what they're thinking.

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